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  • Sermons


    J’s Ruckus live album (recorded at the Soiled Dove Underground on December 1st, 2018) sold exclusively here. Only 100 albums were printed. Each album will be personalized just for you. You can stream it (or buy a digital version) on all of your favorite platforms, but if you still treasure the disc and liner notes…you…

  • Suck Less


    Perfection is impossible. The goal should be to suck less a little everyday. J’s Ruckus 2nd album recorded live at the Waring Theater in Littleton, CO on September 25th, 2019. “Hypnotizing…” Kalyca McGuire – The Arapahoe Pinnacle All new songs from your favorite blend of Jazz meets Hip-Hop group.

  • Suck Less Keychain


    Perfection is impossible. The goal is to suck less each day. Have a handy reminder with this stainless steel black matte keychain!

  • Suck Less T-Shirt


    Perfection is impossible. Our goal should be to try and suck less each day.

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